As fans of classic comic books know, images from comic books are often accompanied by exclamations such as « Wham! » « Ka-pow! » or « Zap! » The Comic Book Sound Effect Database is a collection of over 2,000 onomatopoeias from over 200 comic books. As of this write up, most included comic books are classic Marvel titles, including the Fantastic Four, Amazing Spiderman and Incredible Hulk. Visitors are invited to search this collection by sound effect, from « ! » (52 entries) to « Owww! » (7 entries) to « Zzzz Zzzz » (4 entries). Each entry features an image of a panel with the sound effect, accompanied by information about the comic. Alternatively, visitors can search by a number of subject tags introduced by the creator. As the author of this page notes, « There is one special tag — COOL — for notable, interesting and original sound effects, chosen at my discretion. »